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Thursday 21 September 2017

Organic products

South Australia consultations—Seeking views of all organic producers

Have your say on the future of the organic industry

Policy Partners Pty Ltd is conducting regional consultations, seeking the views of organic operators about the future leadership of their industry.

The consultations are part of a project initiated by organic industry leaders from across Australia who are collaborating with a view to establishing a harmonised national voice for all organic producers, certifiers and the supply chain.

Tony Webster, Managing Director at Policy Partners, said "There are many fine producers of organic products in and around Sydney and the industry is growing strongly. This workshop is a great opportunity for them to express their priorities for the future of the industry."

Mr Webster said "The Australian organic industry is diverse in its products and scale, ranging from small growers selling entirely through farmers markets, through to corporates exporting to the world. We welcome all people in the industry to come and share their views about strategies for ensuring the industry is well represented and to help shape Australia's organic industry."

The 3-hour consultation workshop will be held at The Manna in Hahndorf at 2.00pm Tuesday 3rd October.

Policy Partners has published an Issues Paper to guide the consultations. For further information, visit the project website at

RSVP is required for catering purposes. Please email or phone/text Tony Webster on 0448439334 to register.

Consultation Workshop
Organic Industries of Australia

2.00pm―5.00pm Tuesday 3 October

Venue: The Manna, 25 Mt Barker Road, Hahndorf


Tony Webster
Managing Director
0448 439 334

Policy Partners has been appointed by the Working Group to manage the project.


Policy PartnersThe Australian Organic Industry Working Group has appointed Policy Partners project manager to guide it through the initial phase of the project.

Policy Partners has distinctive expertise in the delivery of complex projects spanning multiple stakeholders across industry, government and the private sector. Policy Partners specialises in policy, strategy, economic and performance.

Managing Director, Tony Webster, will lead the consultations.

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