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Im really looking forward to doing these consultations with the organic industry

Do the consultants want us to rally the troops to gather for some consultations?  I'm involved in an organic fruit and vegetable discussion group here in Gippsland.  We meet regularly, are aware of the development of this peak body and would be keen to participate.  All certified growers in Jason's 'hood...



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We expect there will only be one consultative forum in Victoria this time around. Its hard to cover a whole state with just one forum, so a key issue for the working group will be knowing where best to convene it.

Its seems likely that there will be more extensive consultations in a later stage of the process. In the meantime, we are looking at other means of reaching everyone. These forums are one means of doing that. We are also considering an on-line (maybe video based) consultation.

We would really like to be part of the consultations as we have many organic growers attending our markets, and a direct voice to many consumers who we can assist with communications to.
So much ambiguity in the perceptions of organic vs certified organic. We take as simple an approach and only allow the claim to be made if a business is certified.
How about a Melbourne workshop after a market day? We can help organise.

aco's logo is big and bold on the front of chinese imported hempseed which misleads customers and is very dodgy as standards in china are much lower than in Australia. oz logos for only be for oz products to maintain the integrity consumers demand.

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