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This project

Policy Partners Pty Ltd is seeking the views of organic producers about the future leadership of their industry.

Regional consultations are part of a project to produce a roadmap for the industry. One possible path in that roadmap is the creation of a new national peak body to provide a harmonised voice for the organic industry.

This issues paper has been prepared to guide the conduct of the regional consultations. This paper poses many questions, framed around seven themes:

  1. Value creation and a compelling business case
  2. Membership and corporate structure
  3. Standards and integrity
  4. Market access
  5. Improving R&D coordination and innovation
  6. Planning for growth and industry development
  7. Review of the Export Control Act

The objectives in the consultations are to:

  • explain the project and process to organic producers in a range of regional locations
  • understand what the views are of a broad cross-section of organic producers
  • gauge the likely support for a new peak body—both political and financial support
  • determine whether there is a preferred model for a possible new peak body
  • determine the speed of reform that organic producers might be comfortable with

Further information about the project can be found at

Industry coordination

This project has been initiated by the Australian Organic Industry Working Group (AOIWG)—industry leaders from across Australia who are collaborating with a view to establishing a harmonised national voice for all organic producers, certifiers and the supply chain.

Its envisaged that this project may result in a new national representative body that will be the voice of organic industries at national and state level and that promotes viable and sustainable industries with broad representation from all sectors.

To make sure that any representative body has broad support, the project aims to have industry-wide consultation and communication, and the involvement of all levels―from small boutique producers to major exporters and the organic certifiers.

It is critical that we understand the needs of the whole sector and the value that a representative body may be able to provide to its future members—so we want to we hear from the many voices across all of Australia's diverse organic industries.

About the Working Group

In its initial phases, the project is being guided by a working group of producers and certifiers—the AOIWG.

These businesses have committed time and financial resources to progress the project to this point. The working group has also been engaging with the Australian Government to seek its support for the project.

One objective of this stage of the project is to consider how the working group could evolve to become more representative of Australia's diverse organic industries.

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